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Enjoy nature in the center of Berlin

Leisure Time

The famous Schlachtensee, which is also the namesake of our hotel, is the southernmost lake and it is part of a chain of lakes, some artificially built centuries ago, that runs from the end of Kurfuerstendamm to “Niklassee?”.


Along the shores of the Schlachtensee runs a footpath of some 5.5km or about 4 miles, that is ideal for leisurely walks or a healthy early morning jog. Occasionally you may observe a family of wild hogs or a beautiful pair of red deer may cross your path. During the hot summer season, Berliners use the lake for a refreshing dip. Extensive lawns invite for picknicking, sunbathing or just relaxation.


On the eastern shores of the lake boat rental companies challenge you to show off your maritime experience. Fishing gear can be rented and there is an excellent restaurant where you may enjoy one of the famous local beers or a glass of wine, while the rest of the family is fishing or boating.

Fischerhütte am Schlachtensee (Restaurant on the Lakeshores)

Fischerhüttenstraße 136
14136 Berlin
Tel.: 030-80 49 83 10
Fax: 030-80 49 83 26

Bootsverleih Schlachtensee (Boat Rental)

Am Marinesteig 5
14129 Berlin
Tel.: 030-803 73 04

Free Wireless Lan


For all our guests there is wireless-LAN available in all rooms without charge.

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